Never Forget

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

They say elephants never forget. I don't know who "they" are, but "they" say this. Why? Do elephants really have a good memory? How is this proven anyway? However the saying came about, I'll tell you what I never forget...pregnancy, birthing my boys and those first challenging months with a newborn. "They" also say that you forget the hard parts and the pain of childbirth. Wrong! Wrong-y wrong. Wrong-o! I remember it all. Truth is, I don't think moms really forget. I think the good stuff is just so darn good and overwhelmingly abundant that we don't care about the hard parts and the pain. It's worth it and we make the choice to do it all over again. But we remember. It's moms that never forget and we love bigger than our hearts ever thought possible.
And if you're wondering why I'm having all these thoughts...I think all of my recent envelopment in baby world has me longing. But that train left the station a loooooong time ago. So I'll just fall madly in love with my littles (that are becoming big) all over again today, only a little bit deeper. I'm a mom - it's what we do. xo


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